What is the Long Q-T syndrome(LQTS)?

Long Q-T syndrome (L.Q.T.S.) is an inherited or acquired heart rhythm disorder that can be found even in healthy people. Usually the problem attacks children or young adults. More often it is inherited, this why it’s almost always congenital.
Simultaneously with the emitting an electrical impact, heart contracts. By the electrocardiogram the signal can be writen down like a some waveform. Letters P, Q, R, S and T designate this and that intervals of the drawing. According to all that, the Q-T interval means the interval of heartbeat i.e. electric “on” and “off” of the ventricles. The time it takes for the Q-T interval to occur (in no time, in milliseconds) can tell your doctor if it happens in a right period of time. If it takes more than that, it is called a prolonged Q-T interval.