Pericardium pericarditis

What is the pericardium (pericardium pericarditis )?

Pericardium or heart bag is a thin but dense bag, in the heart Which locates. The pericardium separate the heart from other organs of the chest, it Contributes to a better filling of the atria of the heart with blood and does not allow the heart to overstretch during physical exercise.

What is pericarditis (pericardium pericarditis )?

Pericarditis is an inflammatory lesion of the pericardium, That can start as to independent disease or as a sequela of Accompanying diseases. The “bag” has two layers, outer and inner ones, and there is a liquid in the middle. While inflamming process, it compresses heart and restricts its activity, Because of the growth of the quantity of liquid. This pathology is found in most patients of different age brackets, but most of its manifestations affected the elderly ones.