The Diabetes Centre Rhineland Haan was originally built with funds from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and opened as a hospital for inpatient care for those with diabetes mellitus and metabolic and endocrine disorders (hormone disorders) in April 1989.

In addition to the doctors, patients are cared for around the clock by nurses who have many years of experience and regular training to ensure up-to-date skills.

The collaboration of different professional groups allows for individual patient care in the Diabetes Centre Rhineland Haan. We work in an interdisciplinary team which includes Physicians, Psychologists, Nurses fully trained in Diabetology and Sports Therapists.

With 60 inpatient beds in modern one and two bed rooms, for more than 20 years the Diabetes Centre has been offering exceptional individualized care. Our comfortable rooms offer private bathrooms with showers, telephones and televisions.

The Diabetes Centre Rhineland Haan works closely with all departments of the St. Josef Hospital Haan, as well as external partners to offer patients comprehensive care for their diabetic needs. The Diabetes Centre is committed to quality and the continuous improvement of our quality through the collaboration with the German Diabetes Association and the Association of Clinical Diabetes Organizations.


The services of the Diabetes Centre Rhineland Haan include in-patient care of all types of diabetes. With more than 20 years of leadership and experience in this field, we offer you advanced and compassionate care for diabetes and related complications.

–           Type-1 diabetes mellitus

–           Type-2 diabetes mellitus

–           Diagnosis and treatment of all complications of diabetes, especially diabetic foot ulcers

–           Diabetes in children and adolescents

–           Diabetes and Pregnancy

–           Insulin Pump Therapy

–           Diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

–           Diabetes and high blood pressure (Hypertension)

–           Endocrine Disorders

–           Diabetes mellitus, diseases of the spleen

Through our network at the St. Joseph Hospital Haan we can also arrange for dialysis treatments for our diabetes patients with special needs.

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