Treatment Procedures in Germany

Before Patient Coming to the Treatment:

Our medical services begin with connection with the patient or his family and asking about his health. This is done by filling out a health questionnaire by your physician or by sending medical reports illustrates the type of disease suffered by the patient, these reports are sent to a number of medical consultants who determine the treatment methods, which are appropriate to the patient health condition. Then, we contact the medical center or hospital which is specialized in the required treatment to get the primary approval from the center or the hospital management and know the total cost of treatment.

Our role is to inform the patient in full transparency of the way of treatment and the cost before leaving the country.If the patient or his family accepts the treatment, we will arrange the appointments of the rapeutic program, Provide visa or and airline tickets according to the request, Prove housing including, furnished apartments, hotel apartments, rooms or suites of all classes, according to your wishes.

When Coming to the Treatment:

- Receive the patient and his family from the airport to the residence and the hospital.

- Continuous communication to the patient and the doctors to explain the stages of treatment and translate the tips doctors.

- Find out the range of improvement and developing this improvement to reach to full recovery inshaa Allah.

- Our relation with the hospital protects the patient and his family from any consequences of a routine, which we can do without any feel by the patient.

- Supervision of the patient’s access to medical reports after treatment, which can be translated into Arabic or English

- Communicate with the concerned embassy of the patient or health office to ratify the medical reports.

- Prepare the travel and return home procedures by confirm the booking, luggage shipment, and delivery to the airport.

After Leaving Germany:

Constant contact with the patient and the transfer of all stages of healing to the doctor and taking the advice for the patient and tell him immediately.

In the event of any delay any relapse of the case, May Allah forbid, we perform the liaison between the physician and the patient.