Plastics Surgery Skin Surgery Treatments Germany

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Its size (about 20 square feet in an average sized adult) and external location make it susceptible to a wide variety of diseases, disorders, discolorations and growths as well as to damage from the environment and the aging process. The severity and appearance of skin problems vary considerably.

Indications of Skin Surgery

Dermatologists cite four reasons for performing skin surgery:

1) To establish a definite diagnosis with a skin biopsy.

2) To prevent or provide early control of disease.

3) To improve the skin’s appearance by removing growths, discolorations, or damaged skin caused by aging, sunlight or disease.

4) cosmetic skin improvement.
In this section, we will deal with some Idea about Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery. Remember, most plastic surgery is not cosmetic, plastic surgery includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery and the treatment of burns.

There are 3 Main Types of Plastic Surgery:

1- Autografts – The transfer of skin tissue from the recipient.

2- Allografts – The transfer of skin tissue from donor to the recipient of Same Species.

3- Xenografts – The transfer of skin tissue from donor to the recipient of Different Species.

This form of Reconstructive  Plastics Surgery is performed to correct the dermatology disorders caused by burns, facial bone fractures, congenital abnormalities, developmental abnormalities, cancer, and tumors. The most popular plastic or Reconstructive Surgery are breast reduction, hand surgery, tumor removal, scar repair, laceration repair, Plastics surgery and microsurgery.