Angina pectoris is a term for a coronary heart disease, which is characterized by pain in the human chest because the heart muscle is not getting sufficient amount of blood.

In truth, angina is not a illness itself, it’s a symptom, an alarm telling us about greater crisis inside our organism. And the real problem is myocardial ischemia.  Muscle doesn’t get enough blood, and as a result it doesn’t get enough oxygen to work properly. So, ischemia is an insufficient blood supply.

When does it occur?

The blood supply can be sufficient for standard needs, though when tension increases, pain occurs. Thus it can happen while exercising, under influence of strong sudden emotions or high temperatures. When late and running for transport, we don’t actually realize that we get our hearts under double stress, both physical and emotional. And hello angina! Well, in fact, those with a coronary artery spasm may get attacked even during rest.